Creating an Abundant Life

To create abundance in your life you must first master your mind.

in yoga we call this mastery of the mind EKAGRATA.


Patanjali highlights the importance of continuous meditation practice to gain ekagrata, the state of the meditative mind free of diverted attention.


So, how does this help us achieve abundance? 

We must understand that whatever we create in the world begins as a thought. Our thoughts are powerful, and we must harness those thoughts to bring abundance into our reality. We all have deep seated beliefs, and programming that limit our abilities to manifest what we truly desire for ourselves.


In order to change these deep seated beliefs, we must develop a self reflective practice, such as yoga, meditation or creative art play.


It is only through this self reflection that we find that single point of focus (ekagrata) which gives rise to equilibrium and stillness.


This in turn leads to clarity or right direction and a conscious free movement towards abundance.


If Ekagrata is lost, the full power to achieve goals is lost also.


It is harder to achieve ekagrata if the body is tired, sore, or out of alignment, or the breathing is impaired.

This is where our yoga practice in particular, assists us towards our goals of abundance.

The relationship between yoga and meditation is now understood as the key elements to assist us towards true abundance and happiness