Working with the Goddess in Yoga


Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do. Rumi


Working with the goddess archetypes in yoga


Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of  abundance, good fortune and love.

By embodying this goddess within our meditation and yoga practice, we connect with these qualities within ourselves.


We do this first by connecting with gratitude, for all the ways in which we are already abundant and in balance. As we sit peacefully with ourselves and reflect we can see that we do have so much to be grateful for already. This insight brings clarity and a confidence that we can nurture and grow our abundance further.


We then go on a journey with Lakshmi, to replenish and restore our inner abundance, and cultivate a balance between give and take.

In order to give generously from our hearts, we must give to ourselves and reconnect with the pure love that we are.


If we feel there is not enough time, money, space, food, resources or love for ourselves to be full and radiant, we send out a broadcast of this truth, and this in turn attracts more "not enough" into your lives.


To change this and bring abundance into our lives we must truly feel abundant, by giving to ourselves, making time for all the things we love and find beautiful.


Here are some simple exercises to get started:

Reflect and journal on where you already feel full and rich in your life

Your presence is precious and valuable, where do you currently give your precious time and presence?

Repeat this mantra: "I am enough as I am."