What is Vinyasa Flow

With so many yoga styles to choose from, why would you go to a vinyasa flow class, and what would you experience when you get there?


Here is a vinyasa flow guide for all you curious yogis out there.


When I was completing my training with internationally recognised Vinyasa Flow Yoga trainer Shiva Rea  www.shivarea.com  she described a vinyasa flow student as someone who was adventurous, creative, someone looking for freedom and an opportunity to explore new territories within themselves. 

If that sounds like you then read on!


When entering a vinyasa flow studio, you will notice music playing, usually chanting with tunes, (check out the playlist suggestions at the end of this blog ) This is designed to relax the students and assist in connection to their bhavanas, feeling states, of calm tranquility.


The studio becomes an oasis of peace for all those urban warriors out there who need to slow down, breathe deeply and reconnect with themselves at least once a week.


The music also sets a pace and rhythm at the class flows within a wave, from warm up, pranayama exercises (breathing) to intense flow, to cool down and finally to savasana and nidra journey (guided meditation)


Within this wave, the student will experience a full spectrum of asanas form standing poses, balances, forward bends,  back-bends and inversions.


This multi dimensional approach to the yoga practice, and intelligently choreographed sequences or vinyasas, take the student on a journey towards their own evolutionary edge, where guided by the flow of their own breath, the explore circular, spiralling and pulsing movements and begin to embody the flow.


This artful approach to yoga follows Sri Krishnamacharya's teachings www.yogajournal.com (22 May 2017) where he describes life as a vinyasa, with its rhythms and waves, and is essentially about change and how we adapt to change.


Krishnamachayra's teachings offer us tools to learn how to be at ease amidst change, to "go with the flow" of life and to see the creative unfolding of inner self care and self knowledge.


Check out this playlist to offer some inspiration for your yoga practice.


Om            Hippie Sabotage   Drifter

The Spice Random Rab          Visurreal

Hari Om    Jai Uttal                 Dial M for mantra

Spirits       Dj Drez                  Alpine Swift