Join us in our beautiful Yoga Studio here in Port Douglas Queensland Australia


Our boutique studio is the place to be to experience Elemental Yoga. Our classes run daily throughout the week and are a nurturing flowing style. We are happy to see all levels of ability in class, including our mums to be and our young yoginis.  


Elemental yoga combines yoga and ballet as it explores the five elements, Ether, Air, Fire. Water and Earth. which is an Ayurvedic approach to healing the mind and body.

These five elements are the building blocks of life, and is a simple yet profound tool to create balance all all aspects of your life,



Monday to Saturday 8am MORNING FLOW

Join us for a beautiful Yoga Ballet fusion to tone, condition and relax the mind and body. All levels welcome.


Monday to Saturday 5pm SUNSET FLOW

Join us on the beach to enjoy the fabulous Port Douglas sunset as we gently flow with the waves. Meet at the studio to collect your mat.


We do offer one on one sessions and can customize a class for an individual or group


We offer various payment options:

One class $30.00

Seven class pass $100.00

Monthly membership $250


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The main principle of water is transportation and is the river upon which life flows.

Within the body it  functions as plasma and lymph, and transports nutrients to the body, and toxins away from the body.

We also focus on the kidney and bladder, which harbour our essence that feeds and renews our life force.

Anxiety and fear are the emotions of the kidney and bladder, to feel safe and secure, to feel comfortable with ourselves is the opposite of fear.

Our water element is also our most creative element and we are encouraged to play, be expressive and reconnect with the joy of our lives

Those of us who are on a journey of manifesting our dreams, this element supports us as our dreams continues to move towards form, this is the point where an idea that has been focused on needs nourishment and connectedness to take form.

Our water element sequences cultivate a calm centered graceful flow, developing balanced peace and tranquility.



Tea is an insightful and very wise healer who has helped me through a very challenging time. With her guidance I found my mojo again and went back to work after a long time being at home with the children.

Mary Edwards Brighton England


I totally loved my time with Tea. My daughter and I started our day in her gorgeous class and floated out feeling so peaceful.

Thank you beautiful Goddess.

Emma Richards USA


What a beautiful soul Tea is, I feel blessed to have connected with her when I really needed some guidance, and some healing.

Her Elemental Yoga classes are just divine and so different from my usual classes, I just wish I could take her home with me! Thank you Tea you are amazing and I cannot recommend you enough.

Stacey Kirk Australia