Welcome to the Skydance Yoga Goddess Circle.


Our online community offers nurture, support and guidance on your divine feminine journey.

When we begin to awaken to ourselves and see ourselves as radiant and empowered, our lives become a celebration.

As we hold the space for ourselves and our fellow Goddesses to be seen and heard an inner transformation is revealed.

Letting go of limiting self beliefs, we find our wings, our lightness, our playfullness, our joy to be true to ourselves and to follow our true hearts desires.


Are you ready to dive into your Goddess Journey?

Skydance Yoga offers three courses, an introductory course, a three month program and a nine month program.




This introduction to Skydance Yoga online trainings offers us the opportunity to cutlivate an abundant minset and let go of any limiting self beliefs.

This is a step by step guide to create your own vision board to support your journey of stepping into a full and rich life.

We must fist imagine our future, before we can birth it into the world.

Our minds and our imaginations are powerful tools that we can harness on our Goddess journey of empowerment.



PRICE: $50.00 AD



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Are you ready to dive into your Goddess Journey?

This transformational three month, three module program supports us as we step into our sovereinty as fully embodied creative goddesses.

Each month we are introduced to nurturing and empowering home practices to guide us along our path.

A monthly one on one zoom call customizes our journey to our own unique experience.

A closed facebook group connects us to the Skydance Yoga Inner Circle and our fellow Goddesses.

Module One: We lay our foundations and plant our roots.

Module Two: We cultivate our passion and connect to our hearts

Module Three: We find our strength, focus and flow

PRICE: $395.00

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Are you feminine leaders?

Are you looking for a program that supports your professional development?

This nine month immersion into the Creative Goddess Journey offers 180 hrs towards your Yoga Alliance accreditation. You also recieve a Skydance Yoga Certificate and become part of the Skydance Yoga Inner Circle of quaified teachers.

The course combines yoga, dance, meditation, sound baths and sankalpa art journeys to offer a deep dive into our divine femine journey of empowerment.


PRICE: $2,697 AD (early bird 2,097)




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I began my journey in New Zealand, where I was happiest diving into a book, dancing or writing.

I left home at 17 and travelled to England where I pursued my artistic dreams and qualified as an artist. 

My three years of training opened me up to  my healing journey and I began to weave creativity and healing together, and have created my own unique path to feminine empowerment along the way.


I spent many years studying, training and learning from teachers all over the world. I was drawn to women, who offered an empowered and feminine approach to the healing process.


It was within the structure of the yoga discipline, that I found that place of nurture and healing that supported me to find my way both as a healer and an artist.

I offer all my insights, experience and wisdom to my fellow women every day. We are all sisters travelling this Goddess Journey together. Namaste