Mini Offering: Cultivating Abundance

Welcome to our Goddess Circle.

We are passionate women who are about natural flow, regenerating self care and natural spirituality.


This mini offering is a teaching to envision an abundant life.


How would your life change and how would you feel about yourself if you were living the life you love?


What if you saw yourself as an empowered Goddess destined to follow your dreams?


What does an abundant life look like to you?


With the help of a guided meditation and some soulful journalling, this mini course guides us into creating our own vision board of our abundant future.



The course content consists of an audio file meditation and a PDF format worksheet



Say yes to an abundant life and click on the link below to purchase your mini offering

This introduction to Skydance Yoga courses, offers a step by step guide to creating your own vision board.


We will be learning the art of manifesting.



PRICE $50.00