A nine month immersion in the creative goddess journey. We will connect with our divine feminine wisdom and become empowered to follow our dreams.

The certificate program offers 180 hrs towards your Yoga Alliance accreditation and you will recieve a skydance Yoga Embodied Art certificate to support your professional teaching practice.


This program combines yoga. meditation and sankalpa art practice to offer a deep dive into our inspirations and aspirations as we discover our confident, passionate inner goddess.


Each module is completed over a three month cycle allowing space to discover our own unique voice, path and vision.

Support, nurture and guidance is offered by our Skydance Yoga Inner Circle.


Connecting with our roots and cultivating solid foundations from which to bloom and grow we find our way to our fundamentals. 

Guided by the teachings of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, we will learn the value of gratitue and how to nurture our magnetic radiance.

Including home care practices, meditations, yoga flows, dance, sound baths and sankalpa art journeys.


Our heart space offers us the connection with our inner wisdom. Guided by the Goddess Quan Yin, we will find our way to compassion, kindness and unconditional love, for ourselves and our stories.


We will uncover our true hearts desires and learn to listen to our dreams.


Including home care practices, yoga flows, dance, sound baths, meditations and sankalpa art journeys.


Saraswati, the Goddess of Creativity nurtures us for the last three months. We will cultivate Shakti, our feminine life force, and birth our dreams and hearts desires.


We will cover the business of a healer/yoga teacher/creative, with a focus on a feminine approach to business and the art of manifesting our gifts.


We will cultivate strength, focus and clarity as Saraswati supports us to flow into a fully embodied creative life.


Including home care practices, meditations, yoga flows, dance, sound baths and sankalpa art journeys.


PRICE: $3,500