Goddess Mentorship Program

Embark on a transformational soulful yoga art journey as we dive deep into our signature Skydance Yoga sequences, guided meditations and sankalpa art practices.


As we find time for ourselves, and begin to listen to our hearts, we step into our own divine feminine stories. We can see ourselves and can see where we have been holding ourselves back, hiding our true thoughts and feelings, hiding our light.


We will compassionately let go of our fears and step up and show up for ourselves, our lives and our dreams.

This beautiful empowered view of ourselves is our destiny.

This three module, three month course offers a space for creative yogis to find time for that dream to be manifested and to finally live the abundant life we deserve. 

Yoga is an art form, poetry in motion. As we breathe, move, expand and contract within our practice, we find our unique flow.

This is what we can share with others, but we must first give this gift to ourselves.

By immersing ourselves in our program of self care practices, we connect to an abundant and creative gratitude for all that we are and all that we have to offer.


Module One: Foundation Flow

In order to reach a destination, we need to begin.

This module sows the seeds of a regular deep practice designed to cultivate an open and inspired approach to our lives.

This module offers a foundation yoga flow, daily meditations, journalling and sankalpa art practices to introduce a creative routine to support our inner goddess artist.

You will also recieve a one on one mentorship zoom call with Tea Mckernan to begin to map your individual journey.

Module Two: Anahata Flow

One of the key elements successful people share, is their passion and joy in following their dreams.

This module offers us the opportunity to connect to our heart space and uncover our true inspirations and creative dreams.

As we learn to listen to ourselves, we begin to trust in our own unique vision and gifts, and with a new found optimism we build our strength and self belief to face challenges and begin to manifest our dreams.

This module consists of an anahata yoga flow, a heart meditation and creative journalling and sankalpa art practices.

Our second one to one mentorship call with Tea Mckernan offers support on our  Goddess Journey.

Module Three: Dancing Warrior Artist

Art requires an act of surrender to the creative forces, and balancing that flow with the practiced skill of a sailor, navigating the ocean.

As we cultivate this balance we connect to our inner strength, our focus and our ability to hold our ground with fluidity and grace.

This final module offers a beautiful warrior yoga flow, a guided meditation and expressive sankalpa art practices.

Our third and final one on one zoom call gives us the opportunity to reflect on the course and to plot our path moving forward.


  • 3 Yoga sequences 
  • 3 Audio files/guided meditations
  • 3 PDF worksheets offering journalling and sankalpa art journey inspirations
  • 3 one to one mentorship zoom calls
  • weekly  facebook live yoga and meditation classes
  • Monthly Q and A via Facebook 
  • support nurture and guidance from Skydance Yoga Inner Circle Facebook group


PRICE $400.00